(Somerville, NJ) New Jersey School Bus Owners Association and Garden State School Bus Contractors Association are pleased to announce a merger which took effect on June 6, 2012. The new organization named “New Jersey School Bus Contractors Association” held their first general membership meeting on September 26,2012.

This merger represents a pooling of the expertise of two longtime school bus industry organizations, in order to better coordinate efforts as they relate to pupil transportation matters within New Jersey.  The Merger brings together 2 notable state associations who have independently and collectively worked together for the bettering of the pupil transportation industry all while promoting unrelenting views on passenger safety, as well as standing guard to preserve the integrity of industry rules and guidelines. The newly formed group, New Jersey School Bus Contractors Association will be doing business at P.O. BOX 304 • SOMERVILLE, NJ 08876. www.njschoolbus.com

About our organization:

The new ly formed entity, brings together over 30 contractors and close to 10,000 of the 17,000 privately owned school buses in NJ, representing small, medium and large contractors from all corners of the state. The members also represent many multi-generational school bus contractors, all of whom have dedicated their lives to the focus of school bus safety and transportation.

The New Jersey School Bus Contractors Association is the voice for school bus operators and suppliers in NJ. Our mission is to promote safe and reliable pupil transportation through the use of private contractors. We believe that the use of responsible bus contractors allows school boards to keep both focus and dollars in the classroom.