Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Ron Dancer’s legislation to accelerate testing for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) was approved by the Assembly today. Dancer’s bill (A-3946) establishes a pilot program utilizing private vendors to administer CDL tests, alleviating frustration with the current months-long process. The Assembly voted in favor of the bill 77-0.

“The system is inefficient, creating long delays that are preventing people from getting good-paying jobs and delaying companies that want to hire them,” said Dancer (R—Ocean). “Truck drivers are in demand. There’s no reason it should take three or four months to schedule a driving test. This is a jobs bill that puts people to work.”

Third-party testing is legal in New Jersey, but the state has never issued the necessary regulations for private vendors. In New Jersey, it can take months to acquire a commercial license, among the longest delays in the country.

Under the bill’s pilot program, three private vendors will be selected, in the southern, central and northern parts of the state. If enacted, New Jersey would become the 40th state permitting private testing.

“Businesses will be able to meet the demand for drivers without compromising standards and keeping our roads safe,” said Dancer. “Without drivers for the trucks, the whole market system breaks down. This is important for our economy.”

The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee unanimously advanced the bill earlier this month.