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Our members are dedicated to the safety of our passengers, to help promote contracted school bus transportation, and to introduce legislation regarding the school bus industry.


Executive Committee

  • Chloe Williams, President  (BR Williams Bus)
  • Colin Michael, Vice President; NJMVC Liaison (First Student)
  • Dan Jauch, Vice-President; Chair Membership Committee (Krapf Bus)
  • Courtney Villani, Secretary; (Villani Bus Co)
  • Amy Raphael, Treasurer (Irvin Raphael Bus)
  • Eric Raphael, Ex-Officio  (Irvin Raphael Bus)
  • William Pascrell,III, Government Affairs Specialist (Princeton Public Affairs Group)
  • Evie Wills, Administrator

Board of Directors

  • North: Anthony Trapasso, (Belair Transport)
  • North: Henry Navarro, (Joshua Tours)
  • Central: Andrew Hockey & Linda Scott,{co-position} (Shamrock Stagecoach)
  • Central: Kofo Redd, (Klarr Transport Service)
  • South: Dan Hillman, (Hillman’s Bus Service)
  • South: Neil Hartnett, (Hartnett Transit Services)
  • At Large: John Hauser, (Browntown Bus)
  • At Large: open

Committee Chairs/Ad Hoc Appointments

  • Stephen Scharff, Public Relations & Education Committee (James Transportation)
  • Eric Raphael, Legislative Committee  (Irvin Raphael Bus)
  • AJ Holcomb, Liaison to NJ School Transportation Supervisors (Holcomb Bus)
  • Courtney Villani, Accreditation Initiative (Villani Bus)


Letter to Returning and New Members

January 2021

Dear New Jersey School Bus Contractor Association Members & Prospective Members,

It has been just about a year since we found ourselves developing plans and strategies to find a way through the COVID-19 crisis so our businesses and our industry would remain viable.

While we are still in the midst of managing all this, we need to maintain the network we have created of long-time NJSBCA active contractor members as well as the welcomed addition of contractors with no previous contact with the Association who have brought new perspectives and active involvement in the Association’s many activities. We certainly had some successes in 2020 to balance against some set-backs and the role of the NJSBCA has become one where information is received and then disseminated. This has helped collective decision-making for the group and we think helps individual Association members make informed business decisions as well.

The role the New Jersey School Bus Contractors Association has been to keep everyone stay current and informed until we return to normal operations and beyond. We also have served as a catalyst for governmental activity with direct impact on every NJ contractor, Association member or not.
Now it is time to renew your membership if you are a current member or become a member of the NJSBCA if you have not yet done so. Your membership will keep you in our communication loop and will provide you other benefits as well. Your membership dues enable us to continue to do the advocacy on your behalf as well as provide you informational resources. Please complete the attached application. For your convenience, you can also pay your dues with a credit card using the attached application.

There is much more to do. We are not done with disseminating information and finding resources to serve your business interests. We expect to deal with driver retention, contract interpretation, inspections, and re-start issues. And there are many other industry related issues we were working on previous to the pandemic that we have picked back up on, including improving NJ MVC communications with us, establishing a quality certification program for contractors, and of course, continuing our on-going educational programming. We foresee some additional legislative activities coming toward us and plan to get out in front of all that so we are included in the formulation of the language adopted. There are many opportunities for you to engage with the Association and we need you!

So, please support the NJSBCA with your membership as we continue to serve NJ’s school bus contractors!



Eric K. Raphael President

Contractor Members – JOIN NOW!

Together, we will develop and refine the path to providing safe, reliable and cost effective student transportation services through responsible school bus contractors.

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Associate/Vendor Membership Benefits

  • Direct access to network with our membership; NJSBCA members are owners and top decision makers of the leading school bus contractors across the State
  • Your company logo listed on our public membership page
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Exposure at our annual expo
  • Preferred advertising opportunities
  • Direct access to industry information
  • Exclusive opportunities to promote your product
  • Special program opportunities
  • Partnership in a safer industry; your participation strengthens the NJ school bus transportation industry

Join now and together, we will develop and refine the path to providing safe, reliable and cost effective student transportation services through responsible school bus contractors.

Annual Associate/Vendor Membership: $500

Associate/Vendor Member Application
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